Water & Bone

{noodle bar}

1-902-406-0646 | 5687 Charles St, Halifax, NS


Open Tuesday to Saturday 11:30AM to 2:30PM and 5PM to 10PM.

5:00PM TO 12:00AM Fridays and Saturdays.

Closed Sunday & Monday.

Takeout and Dine In

No Reservations.

Shoyu – 14 1/2

Shoyu tare, dashi, chicken broth, pork belly chashu, marinated egg, green onion, sea lettuce, kamaboko

Tonkotsu – 16

Braised free range pork chashu, slow cooked egg,
black onion puree, sauteed greens, mushroom

Vegetable Miso – 151/2

Roasted vegetable & miso broth, mushrooms, marinated egg, seasonal vegetables, cabbage, sesame, sea lettuce

Duck Shio – 15 1/2

Seared duck breast, dashi, chicken broth, tomato gochu-jam, marinated egg, radish sprouts, fried ginger, sea salt

Spicy Pork miso – 16

Ground Nova Scotia pork, spicy miso tare, green onion, pork bone broth, marinated egg, roasted garlic paste, pork rind

Karaage & Waffle – 14

Sesame honey, hot pepper mayo, sweet pickles

Agedashi tofu – 5

Fried silken tofu, smoked dashi broth, bonito

Eats, shoots & leaves – 7

Shoots, greens, pickled mushroom, sea lettuce, miso dress

Nori crusted salmon tataki – 9

Hooked sustainable, wasabi avacado mayo, radish

Pork & Scallop
Dumplings  – 81/2

Dipping sauce

Mushroom & Green Onion Dumplings  – 8

Dipping sauce

Duck Pancake – 41/2

Roasted duck, ginger crackling, cucumber, bbq sauce

Marinated Egg – 2
Karaage – 5
Chashu – 3
Pickles – 2
Seasonal vegetables – 21/2

The Beverley  – 31/2

Matcha tea doughnut

Ice Cream – 21/2

In house made, ask about featured flavour

All prices subject to applicable tax. Please inform us of any allergy or dietary concerns, we would be happy to make adjustments to any dish to accommodate.